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Villa d’Este, Tivoli

It was soooo breathtaking! So many water fountains! Such expansive villa. There was also a musical sculpture powered by water pressure, after 500 years, still running well! Villa D’Este is a must see when you want to visit a more suburban area with lovely gardens, open space and hundreds of fountains. We were lucky, the weather was […]

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Night Walking Tour at Rome

Did I mention that I prefer to explore the city at night time? 👇 Highlight of the night: Trevi Fountain. 👇 The Wall Street of Rome. Financial center. Piazza di Pietra. 👇 The magnificent Pantheon. 👇 Electricity powered car was charging. 👇 Drinkable fountains are abundant in Rome. The water was fresh and crisp, unfortunately Rome is […]

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