Yes, I Love Breakfast

Breakfast we eat, here and there.

Singapore has many styles for breakfast, it’s one of those places that offer any type of cuisines. It’s a food heaven! We tried the fancier western breakfast at People’s Coffee


Vancouver surprisingly was not that into breakfast (sigh), we went to Cora twice (which was very Quebec). Below are pictures from Cafe Crepe, they few branches. The egg florentine was sublime! Very happy with the taste, though it was quite pricey (missing Bali) and touristy.


Joe’s Grill a local breakfast place near Robson’s street, small place, it was busy. It was quite normal.



👇 Oh boy, Quebecois do love their breakfast. Breakfast is a thing to do on Sunday morning with your family, spouse or friends.

L’Oeufrier the last breakfast at Laval, it was homey, typical Quebecois. Everything drowned in yellow goey hollandaise sauce 😀


Byblos Le Petit Café at Laurier, serves Middle East food and breakfast. A nice change from your usual hearty breakfast a la Laval. Coffees were served based from espresso, add milk and more shots as you please, the bigger portion was served on a bowl ☕ Loving the omelette of feta and cheese, light, tasty and guaranteed to make you feel good afterward. A big portion of sweet bread accompanied by your choice of homemade jam. One of the best breakfast at Quebec 🍴🍵🍳


👇 Breakfast places’ names usually use a word play from the word ‘egg’. Like L’oeuficiel at Laval (ouef means egg) here’s below the last breakfast with Clapin-Pépin men.

👇 Is a homemade breakfast hehehe! Full on eh? They’re healthier then Laval’s usual breakfast joints. That’s also the set up of my working place. 👩‍💻

👇 Ugh I felt a bit queasy after this particular breakfast, think the sauce was too heavy for my taste or I ate too much (probably the two). Allo Mon Coco (= Hallo Egg, told you, a lot of puns on the egg) has several branches, this one was at Montreal. HUGE portion, too much I don’t think it’s healthy for someone to eat that much. Definitely you can have two people eating this. Canadian’s portions were huge. The menus for breakfast were extensive, abundant varieties of breakfast, but based on the whole egg, potato, Benedict, salmons, mushrooms, bacons, sausages, pancakes. You get the idea, filling and fat. Strangely not always yummy, it could left you feeling bad. Ohya another things was at least they always included fruits 😚

👇 First breakfast out at Montreal, Cafe Lee Petit Flore Inc closer to Bali’s style compared to the ones we tried around Laval. So far, Bali’s breakfast joints are still the best in terms of: healthier menu options and presentations. Taste… Hmmm more I prefer Bali.

👇 Well, well, well. The Italians don’t have the regular western breakfast. They usually have a cup of coffee and a piece of  sweet Danish. So we had pizzas and sandwiches for breakfast. Here’s Cafe Cartari.

👇 The infamous Savoy Cafe. The place was so in demand, you’d have to book 2 to 3 days in advance for breakfast. If you’ll have 10 people, 1 month in advance. But don’t worry, get up in the morning and be there before 9am, hopefully they’ll have a seat for you. That’s what we did. The food was of quality, the service was on point. What attracted me was the decor, art nouveau and baroque. There were many histories behind this infamous café.


👇 More homemade brekkie at Berlin. Here’s the view of our kitchen 🙂

👇 Krone Café breakfast, delish! 

👇 Breakfast at Berlin, home made. A cup of tea, organic rye bread with seeds, black pepper smoked salmon, cheese, fresh cucumber and sweet oh sweet cherry tomatoes. Superb!

👇 The best breakfast in my opinion is the one spent with good friends, home made and you can still wear your pajamas 😉

👇First breakfast at Frankfurt. Vegetarian ham, boiled eggs with spices, cheese and freshly made coffee. A plate of fruits followed. It’s always exciting to fix your own breakfast. I got a feeling that I will gain more weight this trip. Ah well…

👇 Last breakfast in Hong Kong. We can’t find an opened breakfast joint that serves western breakfast. I don’t always eat western style breakfast but due to current flu virus happening at Hong Kong, I stayed away from meat and poultry. Also I usually prefer other coffee, I mean, Starbucks are everywhere… 😅 Anyway, breakfast with a view. Here you go.

👇 Breakfast / Lunch. At Jam & Bakery Cafe, One Oasis Coloane. Choose your sandwich filling at 78MOP, including your choice of coffee or tea.

👇 Lord Stow’s Cafe, Coloane, Macau. Typical western breakfast with your eggs and meats. A salmon bagel comes with salad on the side at 78 MOP, drinks not included.

👇 Siam Cafe’s breakfast 302 Baht.

(Below) Seating area indoor at M Terrace, Marriott Hua Hin.

(Below) Asean, Bangkok. Jul 2017.

(Below) Street coffees by the Sathorn street. Cheap, quite strong and energizes you to carry on with your busy life.


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