Frankfurt On A Bicycle 

Of course, we need to explore the city! Cycling is one of the cheapest and most convenient way to roam Frankfurt. Most places can be reach in 30 minutes. Luckily we have our hosts Sina and Alexej to guide us. Very grateful to have these beautiful people around! 

👇 A florist and a charming corner. 

👇 Sweet displayed at Leipziger. Pastries, truffles and marzipan. 

👇 Kebab shop is everywhere, this one costs around 4 Euro. They have a very spicy chili powder hmmm…. 😍

👇 An ATM with a slot to insert your card in, then the glass door will open. Genius right? Indonesian ATM card apparently works well, as long as it has Visa or Cirrus or Alton or Master sign on the card. 

👇 Out and about Frankfurt 

Based on a friend’s recommendation, we bought Aldi Talk Sim card. 1 GB with credit to call at 10 Euro. It is said that since July 1st 2017, there is no roaming fee within European countries. Another friend said they still got charged for roaming on July. So, let’s see.. 

After buying your Sim card at an Aldi store (it’s store is everywhere and cheaper apparently), you’d need to verify your ID to activate the card. You’d need to go to aldi and go to SIM registration. After filling out your details from passport, you’d have to do a video call and prepare your passport to show it to them. If your laptop’s camera isn’t that sharp, try again with a different laptop. I did. After verified by the Aldi agent  you’ll get a notification via your email. The email will prompt an sms message. Just follow the instructions. 

A veggies and fruits stall selling at the street, run by a family. Seeing these fresh gorgeous greens got me drooling. It seems easy to eat healthier here, when you have the money. 

First order of the day: sending out postcards at the post office. Most travelers love receiving postcards. What do you think? 

👇 Sina’s and Alexej’s University at Leipziger. It used to be the American troop’s quarter, nowadays the area is also known as the American’s area. 

👇 Sunny days are rare for Germans, naturally they are meant to be spent outside. Pack up a book, drinks, some snacks, badminton rackets and a picnic rug, Happy days! August-Siebert-Strasse. 

👇 An old cinema at Frankfurt, it plays indie movies once a day. You can buy a drink and bring it inside the theater. It survives on the community’s donation. The seats’ upholstery were covered by fabric. 

👇 Old part of Frankfurt, Mainkai. 

👇 One of Frankfurt’s bridges, Deutschherrnufer. 

👇 City center of Leipziger. 

Leipziger neighborhood. 


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