Berlin Random Exploration 

There are so many things to see and do in Berlin! How can I sum it up? 😁 We stayed at the East side of Berlin, where the ambiance of Soviet Union can still be felt.

👇 Alexander Platz, where you can find shopping stores, restaurants, banks, electronic store, small market, tram station etc.


👇 Stamps are also available at the vending machine in the Post Office, international destination for a post card will cost 0.9 Euro.


👇 Mörchenpark Stammtisch, a “park” built on local’s support. You’ll find restaurants, bars, a small playground by the river. There was a bonfire at the night time. By the river, there were river cruises passing along. Reminded me of ‘Waterworld’ hee, it was a cute and unexpected area. If you’re in the area, do drop by!


👇 Tram, bus, metro lines.


👇 Berlin parks. Our host commented, the government does the parks right. They really think about the children and families, with different themes. So fun! So much space!

👇 Schwedter street walk-through 😉.

Bicycle lane is available around the city. Remember to not use this lane if you’re a pedestrian, don’t worry, there are plenty of space for pedestrians. Europe built its cities with people in mind, where walking is encouraged. After all, healthy people makes a great nation.

👇 ATM, ciggies vending machine.

What is this building below? Aleks said there are several buildings in Berlin that are being illegally occupied, the owners are non-existence and government failed to take over these buildings, so ….. communities take over. You’d have hippies, artsy and progressive crowds occupying these buildings. Is there any gas or water or electricity there? There might be … 🙂 surely they managed somehow.

Old buildings, old tiles. Houses were built like a flat units, where you have a building with 4 to 6 floors (usually no elevator in Europe). The entrance would be one big door then it opens to a foyer. After the foyer, you’ll be taken to different quarters or a common yard, then separating further to units of floors/flats. Does that make sense?

A window from a restaurant, looking out to the street.

Meter for utilities.

👇 WrangelstraBe. The hip part of Berlin, just across the river from East Side Gallery Museum. 

👇 Kopenicker street facing the river. Where people gather, picnic, BBQ, strolling, or just chilling during warm days.

👇 GleimstraBe. A hand ball stadium next to Mauerpark.

👇 Schonhauser. An old quarter near by.


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