Munching and Sipping in Prague

Well, we’ve got to gain some energy to explore the breathtaking city -no?

👇 Standard Cafe in Prague, great coffee, and homey dessert.

Standard Cafe
Standard Cafe

👇 Don’t miss out tasting Czech’s typical food KantĂ˝na, the place basically serves grilled meats with the accompaniment of sauteed veggies, pan fried potato patty, and sauerkraut. That’s all they serve! But the meat oh-so tasty! Once arriving at the restaurant, the hostess will give each patron a blank meal card. Then we go to the counter and choose your meat by the grams, the Chef will then weigh your meat and fill in the meal card. The same with drinks. Once done, you’ll go to the hostess area again and they will count it for you.

I tried the grilled chicken (it looked small but I was so full after that!) and few bits of grilled beef and marinated beef. So oily and so goooooddd!



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