When Eating at Vancouver

Well you gotta eat. Vancouver is full of choices of Asian foods, and I was happy to finally meet them, ahhhh …

👇 Simba, an African Cuisine Restaurant offering halal foods, yayyyy! Spicy and BIG portions! I think I gained most of my weight back while in Canada, big portion. Located at Denman street.


Mexican joint, Tacofino at Gastown. Was it special? Mmm, not so much in my opinion, your regular food. It’s cheaper though 😉


Ramen Danbo at Robson street, oh boy this place doesn’t slow down. Due to its yumminess, affordable price and small capacity, expect to queue. Since I try to find halal food when I eat, this time I opted for the vegetarian version. I was very happy with my choice 😉


Banana Leaf has two outlets in the area if I’m not wrong, we ate at the one closer to the Stanley Park. The restaurant served a fusion of Malaysian, Singaporean, Indonesia, and Thai foods. What did we have? Laksa and Oxtail Stew. Hmmmm


A patisserie serving solely eclair, eclair and eclair. L’Eclair de Génie at Robson. Gorgeous pastries!


Breka Bakery & Cafe, your usual hip cafe serving good brews, large pastries, and bread. WiFi and common table to work for those digital nomads alike.





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