About last night

The gorgeous handmade turban with excellent quality from ‘Turban by Rona’.

Off green and gold midi dress with satin silk textile, modeling from themodist.com longer cufflinks, would be great if they’re more pronounced 😘. 911 Dental.

Experimenting with a turban at LV8 backyard.

French Connection ruffle cotton top with Havva pants, binded with black obi. Kim Soo breakfast

Zara’s psychedelic coral wrap dress circa Macau 2012 was back on the playlist. Hank’s Pizza and Liquor.

Chiffon ruffle top from H&M and Havva edgy pants with embellish on the bottom (doesn’t appear on the pic). Best Western.

All from Aleza, pussy bow chocolate top with caramel pants. Gotta get myself some more pussy bow shirts. Working day at Ruang Seduh.

Damn you cannot see the purple dress correctly here! The dress was modeled after a dress from themodist.com Will take another pic next time around. Tea time at Bakerzin with Lia, Susan and Xav.

Nehru’s collar on a beautiful thin cotton, which later ripped on both of the armpits… Because my backpack was heavy heee, that was the last day the shirt was worn. Cafe Batavia.

Morning hustling which lead to a major heart break at Go-Work Pacific Place. Mom’s denim top. Liking the look, must find a cute denim top.

Palembang’s rich golden textile called songket with Zara top, at home. Getting ready for the cousin Reza’s wedding.

Black hijab and gamis (mom’s) for the Islamic course. At home with dad 😍

Mustard turtle neck for 99K Mouna hijab, Aleza’s stretchy navy pants. I just love Instagram’s clothing! Reading at Setia Mitra.

Night shift at the ICU Setia Mitra with mom’s gorgeous oversized shirt. Comfortable is the operative keyword.

Batik gamis from Thamrin City, with the Putu and Aya’s family. Daeng.

Posing is not my forte. Aleza’s bright shirt, which later reminds me of BCA uniform. Still loving it.

White linen safari dress circa Dubai 2010 was playing on repeat at Strawberry Fields.

Grey dress again. Sitting pretty for an Italian breakfast at Zibiru.

Movie night at Park 23 with brown overcoat, animal print dress and legging. Feeling ecletic 😜

Grey on line shopping dress that doesn’t suck too much. Moringa’s corner.

Nadjani tropical top, breakfasting with mom at Drifter.

Terracotta top by Aleza with flowery black H&M trousers at the Straw Hut. Island life at its best.

Moroccan pattern dress from. Suqma on Eid Day 2018 with the cousin, Mako.

Bold colors not to camouflage, Thomas beach. Zara maxi skirt, H&M top.

Sunny day to match a sunny dress, parking lot at the BNI.

Bohemian get up on a rainy day with Xav at The Cartel 😍 Zara top and skirt, outer from Instagram’s clothing line.

Snap! Indian fiery dress from Thamrin City.

Shimmery golden top Aleza on a night out attempting to go to Mexicola.


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