Those midnight songs

There are songs that are meant for nighttime

The ones that seep into your conciousness

The ones that crawl under your skin like goosebumps

This song is one of them, the darker ones

Those are the ones speaking to me the most

Sometimes I don’t understand why? Is it because we’re naturally drawn to the dark side out of curiosity?

To me it’s somewhat of an escape, to have a emotional trip elsewhere

Feeling something else, I think music is my drug

It’s difficult to find these kind of songs, dark and still have pace, beat

Phantogram’s song is also a luscious, sleek one. Full of vengeance and emotion. Sometimes I miss those nighttime moments talking with someone, having deep conversation. The type of conversations that require you to bare your soul to someone and have no other way but to trust that she/he won’t misuse them. I don’t know if I will have these kind of conversations anymore? I think when we mature you’ve asked all of the questions that you want to ask. Or ‘I’ to be exact. Upon asking, then I found some answers, reasons, motives, action-reaction – then arrived at some point of feeling achieving something. I don’t think I necessarily achieved something, but more to discovered something. Early in my 19-20 years old version I discovered most people don’t ask these questions. And it’s always quite frustrating trying to find someone I can relate to, it’s very rare for me to meet someone I can relate to.

Ugh … but the past 4-5 years I found myself not asking ‘deep’ questions anymore. I think I’ve asked all the important questions and figured out(most of) the answers. (2b continued)


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