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On The Go

I’m always interested in other countries’ transport system. The design, the route map, the facilities. 🚄🚐🚗🛵🚢🛫 👇 France’s transportation. Like another developed countries, France had a great transportation system. Regional train takes you to suburbias, €15 from Dreux to Paris, one way 😛 There are cheaper options for longer periods, multiple tickets, weekly and monthly. […]

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The 5 Hours Bike Tour

Yes. From 12pm to 7pm of tour around Berlin on a bike, guided by our host. Aleks. That’s the guy and the bikes.  Moving on. 😄 The tour started from the bottom of this post.  👇 Epic view of Berlin’s train railways from a bridge. ModerohnsenstraBe.  👇 Park with huge memorial statues during Stalin Era. Soviet War […]

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