The 5 Hours Bike Tour

Yes. From 12pm to 7pm of tour around Berlin on a bike, guided by our host. Aleks. That’s the guy and the bikes. 

Moving on. πŸ˜„ The tour started from the bottom of this post. 
πŸ‘‡ Epic view of Berlin’s train railways from a bridge. ModerohnsenstraBe

πŸ‘‡ Park with huge memorial statues during Stalin Era. Soviet War Memorial Treptow

πŸ‘‡ Tempelhofer Feld, a State Park that was an airport during the Nazi period. Now they moved the airport, and it turned to a huuuuggggggeeeee park where people roller blade, bike, ride a Segway and many more. It was a beautiful day with the sun shining and cool breeze. A day to remember definitely. 

πŸ‘‡ A bit of skyline at Berlin. Skyscrapers here aren’t that many, surprisingly. Which is a good thing πŸ˜‰ most residential buildings are between 4 to 6 floors. 

Marquee-like roof is a fancy shopping center with coffee shops and a big cinema. There was before a Grand Hotel Esplanade. 

πŸ‘‡ Sorry for the poor pictures, wish I could take better angles. This is the Memorial of the Murdered Jewish of Europe at EberstraBe. It’s an art installation made to commemorate the killed Jewish during Nazi period. 

Quite abstract. 

πŸ‘‡ Parise Platz area where the infamous arc is, Brandenburg. Also Canadian and American Embassies reside. 

πŸ‘‡ Views from the bridge at the Museum Island. There are 5 museums in the island (not really an island), which you can visit them all for €18 for the whole day. Or just buy per museum, approximately €12.


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