Eating in Frankfurt 

Frankfurt does have her own delicacies. 

👇 Train stations (also trams) often have food kiosks. 

Cuccis is ever present in all main train stations we went to. 

👇 Groceries are a great source for eating cheaper in Europe. 

Bakery vending machine at the Aldi grocery. 

👇 This one was at an outdoor Frankfurt market, farmers sell their products to local communities. Customers know them for years. Many type of cheese,  you can try them as well.  

👇 Back to grocery, there are also vegetarian choices available at Rewe.  

👇 Non-alcoholic spicy ginger soda, pretty spicy! 

👇 Restaurant at the Cathedral, Main Kai, serves breakfast to dinner and plenty of cakes! 

👇 Local street food: beef sausage with curry. Price: 3. 5 Euro. 

👇 Mirabelle plum. Sweet and consistent. 

👇 At Leipziger. This time we tried the Cheese with Music 😉 music means farting, due to the onions. Handkase mit musik, cheese with almost gel like texture, it’s transparent generously dripped with onions. Accompanied with a brown bread and cream cheese. Only in Frankfurt!  

👇 Spaetzle with veal and brown sauce. Spaetzle is similar to noodle, made with egg easily found in the Southern part of Germany. The noodle can also be stir fried, it’s strands are short and long. 

👇 Other food. This was what I had, pasta with veggies and parmesan. Yummy. 

👇We went to a local restaurant full full full of people. Where they talked so loud you’d have to shout as well. Here’s a picture of our hosts. 


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