Eating in Berlin

Eat and drink around Berlin.

👇 Ben Rahim, one of the best coffee I tasted in this long life I have! The space was soooooooo tiny! It’s too cute! The way they prepared coffees reminded me of baristas at Ubud, Seniman Cafe. Equally passionate.


👇 Krone Café breakfast, delish!

👇 Krone coffee. Decent caffeine 😉

👇 To be honest, I tried to not go out too much. Cook at home or buy something from the grocery, like salad, cheese, salmon, sandwich, bread, vegetarian meats and meals are easily found here. We were advised that Lidl is the cheapest, while Aldi and Penny are medium priced and Rewe is more on expensive. Nonetheless, fresh fruits and veggies are abundant. They’re juicy, sweet, plump, bright colored. Europeans are eating well, though they also smoke. Fruits and veggies kiosks are also available at the streets. You cannot NOT salivating over these fresh foods, who needs McDonald’s?

I know it doesn’t look so appealing 😁, but this is the first bulgur I cooked. Pretty good actually, a good alternative to rice.

👇 Sip a coffee while waiting for the rain 😚 Barista Coffee Shop. Unpretentious coffee shop with good coffee.

👇 Another tea soda, contains caffeine. A good change from coffee. If you like pops, go for this! Apparently it’s a local thing 😁 buy it at your local kiosk.

👇 A Turkish stall at a Farmer’s Market. Usually held every Saturday, each city has its own spots.

👇 Sipping a cappuccino while shopping? Yes,  you can have it all.

👇 Bonanza Coffee Heroes, another trendy place for a cuppa.

👇 When in Berlin, get yourself a cup of ice cream from Hokey Pokey. They’re popular here.

👇 Popsicles display.

👇 Cola pop, they also have other flavors!


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