The Garden of Versailles 

To me, the most captivating part of Versailles was its garden. Just sublime! Exquisite! Spacious! 

Bought our tickets online, when arriving (around 9.30am) we had to queue for a good 45 minutes to enter, due to security check.

There were only two water fountains working that day, it means the rest of fountains didn’t sprout any water. The sculptures were still stunning of course. (The trip started from the bottom of the pictures) 

👇 Trianon. Smaller but charming. 

👇Marie Antoinette’s chamber at Trianon. 

👇 The King’s chamber at Trianon. 

👇 One of the snack kiosks to re-energize and refresh you. 

👇 The open air entertainment area. 

👇 Another dining option, cheaper when you opt for the light meal, means no table service. 

👇 The Hall of Mirror. 

👇 The start of the queue. 


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