Family Connection, Paris

When in Paris, I was staying with my aunt, which happily had me for 6 nights 😚😚😚


Heyy! Space Invader was there at Versailles!

👇 Dinner with my aunt and her friend Astiti, French cuisine near to Eiffel tower.

👇 The river next to Eiffel tower, Seine.


 👇 Rows of restaurants and shops at Rue de Turbigo, next to it there’s the Metro stop of Étienne Marcel where a huge mall is located with various shops.

 👇 Meeting Wael, a friend from Lyon. He invited us to go to his place, unfortunately, we had to decline due to work. Next time …

 👇 Luxembourg Gardens was a gorgeous park with stunning sculptures, water fountains, and crisp cool air. Free entry!

 👇 Metro stop with an art nouveau style. SUBLIME! There are a few of them around Paris, this one was at Raspail stop.

 👇  Montparnasse Cemetery. Did you know cemeteries are one of the best ways to enjoy artworks for free? Yep. I love going to cemeteries. The atmosphere is different, calmer, somber. There are many sculptures with gothic style, art nouveau also and even a contemporary one (see below). Cimetière du Montparnasse hosts many famous France’s intellectual and artistic elite such as Charles Baudelaire,  Jean-Paul Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir, and Serge Gainsbourg.

👇 “To my friend Jean Jacques (John Doe), a bird who flew too soon”

 👇 The Montparnasse Tower is an alternative way to view of Paris from the top, just get ready to pay 17 Euro! There’s an Indonesian subtitle too at the information display, a ha!

 👇 Ah, the mundane activity became more interesting when it’s done in a different country. Doing your laundry at an auto-laundry for 6.5 Euro (detergent not included) heee. Choose your washing machine, got to the laundry vending machine, choose the number according to your washing machine’s number, choose your detergent and pay. To dry, repeat the same without the detergent.

 👇 My aunt was explaining to me about Paris’ metro 😉


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