Traveling while working can be done, but it doesn’t ways work out. Weak signals, too many people logging in. Unstable internet, no power charge are some of the hassle. But we work around it and wallah!

👇 Breakfast before working at Laval 😄

👇 Another episode of trying to work on a moving train 🏃 It didn’t work so well for me due to the motions haaa… Anyhow, there’s internet connection on the Czechia’s train back to Berlin, however, it only worked when in the Czechia’s area.

Working on the train
Working on the train

👇 Working on a moving train kinda works for me, as long as there’s not much shaking going on. I could clock in 1 hour, better than nothing!

👇 Temporary office at Frankfurt 😁 cold! We’re staying at my dear friends’ flat, it’s an old building and their unit just renovated. So cute! I love this European old flats with wooden floor, old locks, big doors.

8 hours down! Yupppieee

👇 Logging into Ho Chi Minh’s airport internet… Too many people at the time, had to switch to different networks. Got 6 hours of work done!

👇 Not much of success with working at Hong Kong’s Terminal 1 Airport 😢 too many people logged in. Then when we moved to the Departure Gate downstairs, we had better internet… For 40 minutes, then we had to fly heeee.

👇 Awesome internet, great service and yummy food at Macau. We worked for 6 hours there. Nice!


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