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Tasting Quebec 

Yes, Montreal has many kinds of restaurants, you just name it… But first.. Poutine! What is a Poutine? Let wiki answer this ūüėČ Poutine¬†(/puňźňątiňźn/;¬†Quebec French:¬†[putÕ°s…™n]) is a¬†Quebecois dish¬†originally made with¬†French fries¬†and¬†cheese curds¬†topped with a brown¬†gravy.[1]¬†The dish emerged in the late 1950s in the¬†Centre-du-Qu√©bec¬†area.[2]¬†For most of its existence, poutine was negatively perceived and mocked,[3]¬†which is in […]

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Suburbia Laval: Normality

Landed in Quebec, heading straight to Laval, a suburb 15 minutes away by car from Montreal.  A residential area, with similar shaped houses without fences and gardens. It’s nice and quiet, big street within the inner residents. Public busses passed through there which was nice!  There were schools, sport fields and gardens around. Almost nobody walk, […]

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