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About last night

The gorgeous handmade turban with excellent quality from ‘Turban by Rona’. Off green and gold midi dress with satin silk textile, modeling from themodist.com longer cufflinks, would be great if they’re more pronounced 😘. 911 Dental. Experimenting with a turban at LV8 backyard. French Connection ruffle cotton top with Havva pants, binded with black obi. […]

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Stanley Park

We’re lucky to be there in such wonderful weather! Easily spent 3 to 4 hours walking around the park. Beautiful scenery, you’ve got the bay view, bridges, nature! A must when you visit Vancouver, and no entry fee 😉 Stanley Park. Vancouver’s own Little Mermaid, the Girl in Wetsuit! Magnificent trees. Almost all benches were dedicated […]

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Tasting Quebec 

Yes, Montreal has many kinds of restaurants, you just name it… But first.. Poutine! What is a Poutine? Let wiki answer this 😉 Poutine (/puːˈtiːn/; Quebec French: [putÍĄsÉȘn]) is a Quebecois dish originally made with French fries and cheese curds topped with a brown gravy.[1] The dish emerged in the late 1950s in the Centre-du-QuĂ©bec area.[2] For most of its existence, poutine was negatively perceived and mocked,[3] which is in […]

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